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Security Camera Installation for your Home

Protect your home & family with security camera solutions.

Protect your home & family with security camera solutions.

Our Security Camera Services 

Through years of experience, we have perfected the skill of delivering accurate, professional solutions for the security of your home with the latest technology on the market to protect your home and family.  

Camera Installers Inc. will install and program a direct live video feed from any area of your property, which can be monitored through a free interactive app on your smartphone.  Additionally, our installers will program your network, camera systems, and viewing platforms, allowing you to toggle between camera feeds to view or record video from anywhere, anytime.

Programming includes setting up any unauthorized movement within the camera's video image, which will send alarm notifications to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to assess, validate and react immediately.

Our surveillance cameras are equipped with infrared vision so you can see clearly and at night, and they’re intelligent! Designed for harsh Canadian winters, all our cameras, regardless of brand or type, feature a minimum rating of no ingress of dust or water.


  • Remotely access your cameras without monthly fees

  • Access live recordings and see everything as it happens

  • Keep an eye on what matters 
    Share the camera views with family or friends

Assess & Validate

Never Miss Anything

  • Live VIDEO and ALERTS with push notifications for immediate response

  • Custom configurations reduce false alarms

  • Custom alarm notifications based on your needs and home layout

  • View past recordings and take appropriate action instantly with the click of a button

  • Record video only when the camera detects motion for instant review

  • Scalable recording capacity allowing you to store video indefinitely 

  • Share video with insurance or authorities


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Robert, home owner, Toronto

Professional, efficient, and very catering. Answered all questions we had and helped us throughout the process from start to finish. Great Company!

Paul, home owner, Brampton

Excellent job of explaining the video recording system and ensured that my iPad and our phones were connected to the camera system so that we can view the cameras at any time from any location.

Brad, home owner, Toronto

Top notch service from beginning to end. Every step of the way, They deliver on their word and their installation was clean and tidy.

Mike, home owner, North York

provided advance feedback and recommendations regarding camera selections and locations and their knowledge and consideration was plentiful. The installation efforts were immaculate and seamless BEYOND all expectations !!

Security Camera Installation

Security camera installation that allows you to stay in touch with your home from anywhere at anytime

The Hik-Connect App is designed to work with Hikvision series DVRs, NVRs and, IP cameras which, support the Cloud P2P function. It allows you to live view your cameras remotely. It also allows you to play back recorded video to search.


When the motion detection alarm of your device is triggered, you can get an instant message notification from the Hik-Connect App.​

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Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
Security Camera Installation
  • What are the best security cameras for a small business?
    There are a number of camera brands and options available on the market. Choosing the “best” camera option for a business comes down to your viewing requirements and budget. Key Features to consider: 1. High Quality Video Resolution 2. Night Vision Range 3. Motion activated recording and smartphone alerts 4. Product Warranty 5. Service Agreement 6. Operating Temperature Range - it gets cold in Canada!
  • How much does a commercial security camera system cost?
    The total cost of a security camera system will vary depending on the amount of cameras and overall installation requirements. For this reason, we always provide a detailed quote to ensure our customers can make an informed decision. Our quote details include the following item costs: 1. Branded security cameras with model numbers and specification sheets. 2. Branded video recorder (NVR/DVR) with model numbers and specification sheets 3. Branded hard drives with model numbers and estimated recording capacity 4. Labour for our fully-insured and trained technician(s) 5. Certified material including wiring, power, and accessories
  • What should I look for in a business security camera system installation?
    Consider the following CHECKLIST when choosing your service company: 1. Safety Clearance, Training Certificates, and Commercial liability Insurance 2. Past Projects, Company Reviews, and Quality Assurance 3. Camera Type, Brand, and Model 4. Type of Storage, Capacity, and Footage Recording Length 5. Areas of your business that need coverage 6. Camera Night Vision Range, Video Resolution and Quality 7. Operating Temperature Range, Outdoor Rating, and Vandal Rating 8. Free No Cost, No Obligation Site Visit
  • How many security cameras do I need for my business?
    No two businesses are the same. The amount of camera required depends on the size of your property. It is highly recommended to book a FREE On-Site visit to review the property, risk areas, camera viewing angles, and wiring routes.
  • Does having security cameras lower business insurance?
    Business owners can save money and improve their peace of mind by installing a CCTV surveillance system. Not only will it discourage break-ins and theft, but it can decrease the amount you pay in business insurance, and will protect businesses from false liability claims.
  • How long can security cameras hold footage?
    Generally, the length of time video footage is saved depends on the number of cameras, video resolution, frame-rates, and amount of motion captured in the camera view. That said, we can meet any storage space requirements that you may need by increasing the Hard Drive size, understanding that some businesses and financial institutions need a large amount of storage capacity.
  • Is it better to have wired or wireless security cameras?
    Wired cameras require more set-up time and effort but offer greater reliability. Wired cameras are NOT reliant on the strength of your WiFi signal and do not require inconvenient batteries. Wireless security cameras are generally less expensive and they set up quickly, but network failure happen daily and on-site tampering is common.
  • Do security cameras record all the time?
    Quality camera systems will have programming settings available that will allow you to choose the recording option between “continuous” or on “motion”. Speak to one of our camera consultants to discuss the feature and what works best for your requirements.
  • What is the number one thing you need to have in mind when choosing a security camera system?
    The Number #1 thing to look for when choosing an outdoor security camera is the operating temperature range! All of our outdoor camera are Water and dust resistant (IP67 rating) and vandal resistant (IK10 rating) with a ❄️🌩️🌧️🌞
  • Which camera is best for home security?
    There are a number of camera brands and options available on the market. Choosing the “best” camera option for a home comes down to your viewing requirements and budget. Key Features to consider: 1. Good quality video resolution 2. Night vision range 3. Motion activated recording and smartphone alerts 4. Operating temperature range - it gets cold in Canada!
  • How many security cameras should a house have?
    We recommend between 2-6 camera for a standard sized residential property. Although no two homes are the same, here is our top camera locations and viewing areas for your home. 1. Front Door Camera – viewing door, porch, and walk-up 2. Garage Camera – viewing driveway, front yard, and space between you and your neighbor 3. Backyard Camera – viewing general backyard, sliding door, and fence line 4. Side Camera – viewing the side of the house, windows, side entrance, and gate
  • How can I monitor my security cameras remotely?
    All of our cameras systems include the remote viewing feature through Apps on your smart phones, tablets, and computers. Our professional installations includes the App, programming, and customer training. The remote viewing feature allows you to view that cameras from anywhere at anytime. NO MONTHLY FEES 🏚️🏆🏅

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