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High-Rise Condo Camera System Upgrade

Here are some photos from a High-Rise Condo security camera installation. We recently upgraded 64 cameras in this downtown condo with new 5MP resolution dome cameras.

Here are a few photos comparing the 12 year old cameras with the new upgraded 5MP resolution system.

Note that the difference are not limited to the resolution. As you can see, the new cameras provide a much improved wider image capturing more area without changing the physical location of the camera. The night vision on the camera is also improved, the example shown below is a the night vision performing in a pitch black theater room with no lighting at all.

Underground Parking - Old low Resolution Camera (Below)

Underground Parking - New 5MP Resolution Camera (Below)


Elevator Surveillance - Old low Resolution Camera (Below)

Elevator Surveillance - New 5MP Resolution Camera (Below)


Theater Room - Old low Resolution Camera (Below)

Theater Room - New 5MP Resolution Camera (Below)


Here are a few more images captured through new 5MP resolution camera



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